Brand Standards Template

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Easily use this Canva template to create a brand identity for your small business.

Canva is a free tool to help you design graphics, templates and more. This template was created using a Canva Pro account, but does not require you to have a Canva Pro account.

In this template you will create:

- A brand story

- Key Messages

- Your tone, voice, personality

You will also identify:

- Fonts

- Color palettes

- Preferred imagery

- Target Audience/Buyer Personas

Having a brand standards guide allows you to delegate marketing and advertising responsibilities to trusted vendors knowing your brand will be accurately represented and cohesive no matter who's doing the work.

  • A Canva link to edit a complete brand standards guide

  • Key Messages
  • Brand Tone & Voice
  • Customer Personas
  • Brand Fonts & Colors
  • A Canva link to edit a complete brand standards guide
  • Key Messages$150
  • Brand Tone & Voice$100
  • Customer Personas$350
  • Brand Fonts & Colors$50
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Brand Standards Template

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